What Do Affiliate Links Pay for?

Do you ever wonder what all the buzz is about those “affiliate links” all the bloggers disclose about?  What are they and what do that do with “all that money”?

Ha.  Well, first “all that money” can be anywhere from $2/month on up to super-bloggers making thousands a month.  Hint: I’m NOT one of those bloggers…. But I *do* do a happy dance when I get an amazon payout of $11-20 for the month because then I go and apply it to our diapers on Subscribe And Save.  Or to purchase nails or other small supplies for finishing our Ever-Going Home Addition.

Second, all those “affiliate links” are links to the mentioned product or service that let the business site know who referred you to their site.  It doesn’t have to be sleazy or sales-y.  In fact, you are most likely clicking on that link to find out more info about that said product or service.  And if the blogger didn’t link to it, you’d be doing a google search to find out more information!  So not only did that blogger just save you a ton of research, but they *might* be making a small “thanks” commission from the business. NOT FROM YOU.  Which they wouldn’t have gotten if you had spent an hour google searching.  Win-win.

So you are simply giving the blogger a small “thank you” commission without ever paying them anything — that’s the business’s job (to pay their referrers for bringing them traffic to their site).  So be a doll and click all the links.  It’s free for you and it helps support your favorite bloggers!

Plus, most bloggers (myself VERY much included) live by the Rule: Only recommend what you, yourself, would recommend to a friend.

Using Affiliate Link Funds

I’d love to hear what you use your Affiliate Link Funds for!  Tell me all about it in the comments below!
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