Busy Mom Automations

Hello friends!  I’ve missed blogging and sharing all the things we’ve found to feed our family healthier meals and save money toward finishing our home additions.  Honestly, we’ve been busy with the same-old around here, implementing everything I talk about and we haven’t added too many new habits in the last year.

But since I’ve been sending so many friends links to previous posts, I thought it was time to get back and publish all these other blog drafts I’ve written.  Because I want this blog to be the easiest, best reference guide possible for YOU.  So I am polishing up all my drafts (with SO many more in-depth topics and tricks we’ve used personally) so you can read and use them as they work for you.  

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and Holiday season with those you love.  And I hope to have many more blog posts for you this coming year.  Thanks for following along!


Automating the Everyday for the Busy Mom

All moms are busy trying to keep the family fed, get everyone off to their respective responsibilities prepared and on time, pay the bills, keep the house tidy + organized, and possibly still hold a job herself.  Nevermind squeezing in her own relaxation time so she can feel fulfilled + refreshed (and maybe blog a little).

That’s why I’ve round up my favorite tried-and-true automations that help make my life a little less hectic, keep things rolling smoothly, and allow me to focus on the important stuff of my family’s life before I miss it. Continue reading

Doing 21 Day Fix, Pregnant

I focused on hitting my workouts every day, to the best of my pregnant ability.  I started with the modifier and added in weights as I listened to my body’s reaction to the increase.  Building this healthy habit into my daily routine has been my happiest accomplishment this first round.  The added success of increased strength weekly was a bonus I wasn’t expecting but can’t help sharing.

Continue reading

21 Day Fix: First Round


I’m finishing up my first round of 21 Day Fix and I have to admit, my first day was not my strongest (crazy, right?).  I could say the weekend was strenuous, my hormones were wonky, etc and thus Monday morning my head was not in the game.  But I pushed through that off day, did my workouts, ate my planned meals (and maybe a girl scout cookie or two because mentally I was feeling down about being pregnant and not anticipating results) and woke up Tuesday morning still in a funk.

Anyone else hate when their own mind sabotages their goals?

Luckily, I still hit play on my Upper Body workout Tuesday morning and it was like the sun came pouring into my mind.  The girl scout cookies & peanut butter cravings were practically GONE and even my appetite dropped after such a fun workout.  Yes, FUN.  It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a workout while doing it.  I felt back in the game.  Hallelujah!  I finished the day strong, though with a Fix-approved treat of 1/2 a frozen banana + 1 Tbs of peanut butter + 1 tsp of chocolate chips.

I only had one major bump in the road for the rest of the challenge – the last Wednesday when I was pushing myself too much to “get it all done” for my family (we needed groceries).  I decided to push back bedtime and pick up milk and a few other necessities so we’d be set for the week.  We were doing our usual “almost done” motto to keep her occupied and then the checkout line fried my already exhausted brain. Continue reading

Prenatal Workouts

Being new to an actual workout program instead of trying to figure it out on my own, I have to say my favorite find so far has been the Active Maternity from Beachbody On Demand.

Active Maternity | Beachbody On Demand | SustainablyFitMama.wordpress.com http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/TBBClub?referringRepId=1055843

The workouts are great, easy to handle moves for having a “bump in the way” and it still works your whole body.  Which is a new experience to me, surprisingly.  I guess without realizing it, I have always focused on working different parts of my body so these workouts feel like I’m being more time efficient as well as getting a much better workout.  Never would have thought about time efficiency with a workout program before.

I’m thinking I’ll have to try 22 Hard Corps next to see how they squeeze even more effective moves into a tinier window — yes please!  This busy mama has chores and a business to run.

Is anyone else working out during their pregnancy?  What are your favorite programs or routines?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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√ Wednesday Workout

This week I’m holding steady on my weight lifting – I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I committed to naptime lifting!

Naptime is for Lifting | SustainablyFitMama.wordpress.com

This week I fell in love all over again with my vegan muffins.  We’ve been out of healthy snacks + especially homemade granola for over a week so I’ve been struggling to keep with the healthy choices instead of… opening the snack cupboard. …

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Workout Check-in

This week I’ve been able to add an extra rep of triceps lifts behind my head as well as 3 reps each of triceps pull-ups (doubled-up on my weights) + don’t-know-what-their-called-triceps-behind my back.

I love that I’ve found a bench to do my pull-ups on.  Ironically it’s my bench from childhood that has been handed down to our daughter.

Multi-use workout "equipment" | SustainablyFitMama.wordpress.com

I’m getting anxious to start my 21 Day Fix challenge in May (after baby #2 arrives).  Anyone else thinking about upping their personal improvement to see results quicker?

What workout routines are you currently loving?  Links + pictures are most welcome!  Tell me all about it in the comments below!
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Sugar Overload Confession

Last week I mentioned getting back on the Wagon after a huge Sugar Struggle from the previous weekend.  Temptation is something I’m not good at fighting.  My best defense is avoidance — don’t buy it, don’t kept it in the house, hide it until it’s “allowed” (a treat or special occasion).  But when visiting others’ houses with temptation scattered across the visible surfaces – and not-so-healthy meals being offered – it is very hard to stay strong when feeling like I’m the only one. Continue reading

Wednesday Workout Check-in

This week I’m pushing to get 15 minutes of weight lifting per naptime.  I can start to feel my motivation wane so I know its time to start adding something new or find an accountability partner.  Anyone interested in joining me?

Below is what I do at the start of every naptime, but I use free weights and either my exercise ball or couch if I need to sit. Continue reading